Nothing but perfect is good enough.


David Roa

David grew up in the industrial city of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Maybe it is from the urban and barren landscape of his childhood town he finds inspiration to create unique and realistic black and grey art, that is his signature.

From a young age he started working with his hands and was convinced that craftsmanship was his talent in life and as soon as his path crossed the world of tattooing, he found the passion of his life.

David’s tattooing-career began as soon as he first put ink on his own skin. He was committed to becoming the best at the craft and after years of training and dedication, he can now be considered to be one of the best within his genre in Stockholm.

David is an experienced tattoo-artist that specializes in black and grey art. His passion for the art and his love for the craft is transferred into every line he makes. His absolute best art is crisp and clean realism and mandala, but he offers a wide range of different styles that match your dreams.

For David nothing but perfect is good enough.

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